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The Thrillionaire Book

The Thrillionaire

"THE THRILLIONAIRE" is Nik Halik’s Autobiography. "The Thrillionaire" will provide you with the discoveries in leveraging YOUR creative GENIUS and transforming your ideas in ASSETS.

NIK HALIK is a flight qualified Civilian Astronaut and Multi-Millionaire investor who reveals *HOW* you can make the world your playground - by shaping your own financial destiny and creating a magical life.


Thrillionaire Revolution Home Study

Thrillionaire Revolution DVD Homestudy

  • How to explode your income by resetting your financial blueprint and setting your "Money Thermostat" to the "ON" position.
  • How to think differently and "VALUFACTURE" more intrinsic LIFE values and experiences on your mosaic.
  • What strategies in today's economy are mandatory to ensure your survival for the next 5-10 years.
  • The revolutionary process to uncovering your life passion and body of work.
VIP Thrillionaire Revolution LIVE Seminar Ticket

VIP Thrillionaire Revolution LIVE Seminar Ticket

Welcome to the Thrillionaire® Revolution, Nik Halik's signature event. The Thrillionaire® Revolution is part of the greater Thrillionaire® movement sweeping change across the planet. It will communicate to your inner emotions and stir the fires of your soul. It will enrich your life and guide you to the keys of Mind and Wealth Prosperity. Soon, you will hold within yourself this principle of power that contains the solutions to a brighter future, a path to greatness and the formula for reaching your peak potential.

Sharelord CashFlow Diary

Sharelord CashFlow Diary

The Sharelord® investment strategy has the potential to fast-track your financial blueprint and can be transacted from anywhere on the globe.

Sharelord® according to our peers, one of the most highly respected educations in the world. Sharelord® is now used by clients in over 31 countries.

$1,299 PER YEAR
CashFlow Fx Diary

CashFlow Fx Diary

Nik Halik’s World Class CashFlow FX® Strategies: Discovering the same strategies that are used around international trading floors.

$1,299 PER YEAR
Lifestyle Revolution Outsourcing Services

Lifestyle Revolution Outsourcing Services

Lifestyle Revolution® Outsourcing was founded in 2012 to meet the needs of our global business clients. We set out to create a company that would make outsourcing affordable to all businesses. We provide business process outsourcing specializing in online, offline marketing, customer service, Social networking, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, Article Marketing, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Database administration and Personal Executive Assistants.

$499 (and up)
Nik Haliks’s 10-10-10 Book Authoring System

Nik Haliks’s 10-10-10 Book Authoring System

10 Chapters – 10 Hours Of Your Time – 10 Weeks Printed

Increase Visibility – Increase Credibility – Increase Wealth

  • Discover the 10-10-10 CashFlow Formula and join the 7-DAY WEEKEND LIFESTYLE.
  • Discover how to create a **NEW** Business, become an instant Celebrity and generate Massive CashFlow.
  • Discover the 5 Most Important ways to dramatically increase business.
  • Discover how to Escape The Sea of Sameness and be viewed as an Authority in your field.
  • Discover how to become THE Expert with actual authority in your niche.